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So What Exactly Is Cryotherapy?

Boost your natural healing process and promote wellness throughout your body.

Cryotherapy is the exposure to subzero temperatures with the objective of stimulating a cold shock response and starting the body's incredible self-repair process.

At Cryo & Sports Recovery, our 100% electric Everest Cryotherapy chamber doesn't use harmful gasses like liquid Nitrogen used in most other cryotherapy units. With electric cryotherapy, you're able to expose your entire body to ultra-low temperatures which results in true whole body cooling - whereas with nitrogen units, you have to keep your head and chest above the treatment area because the chamber fills with nitrogen and it can be very dangerous when inhaled. No harmful gasses = full body exposure.


Three Minute Miracle

Up your physical and mental game in just 3 short minutes.

This innovative and effective 3 minute treatment reduces inflammation and releases your body's natural endorphins. This helps alleviate pain, boosts energy and metabolism, and increases your body's instinctive healing reaction. Start feeling better and kick-start your body's natural self-repair process with a visit to Cryo & Sports Recovery today!


What To Bring? Cuz Baby, It's Cold Inside.

What to expect, what we provide, and what you should wear.

We want you to have the best experience possible and will provide Pre-Chill Gear for your cryo experience. This includes headwear, footwear and gloves. For your own protection and the protection of others, we ask that you bring and wear your own face mask.

For best results, we recommend that men wear comfortable shorts or bathing trunks. Shirt removal is recommended for optimum benefits but a tank top can be worn if desired. For women, we recommend sport shorts (bike or yoga shorts) and a sports bra or tank top to allow for maximum skin exposure. Keep in mind that your best results will come from exposing as much of the skin as possible to the cold. Please note that while maximum skin exposure is our goal, we understand that our customers have various comfort levels. This is why we provide you with a robe, to keep on during your session if you choose, as well as frost the chamber door, allowing for both increased skin exposure and customer privacy.

As an added bonus, we provide headphones so that you can listen to music during your cryo session.

What To Wear During Your Cryotherapy Session:


Men can wear shorts, underwear or swim trunks. Women can wear a swimsuit or shorts and sports bra. A beanie and/or ear warmer-style headband is a helpful addition as well. Thick socks are required.

What We Provide For Your Cryotherapy Session:


We will provide gloves, warm socks to protect your feet (if you've forgotten yours), and headphones. We also provide a robe to keep you as comfortable as possible when you're outside the chamber.


Our Clean Cryo Policy

For your safety and protection, the cryo chamber is wiped down and sterilized after each use. Additionally, we sterilize, clean, and launder all provided wearable items - giving you the ultimate in comfort and security.

Why Try Cryotherapy?

The list of benefits is endless. More restful sleep, improved joint function, an increased metabolism...and more!

Cryotherapy has a number of benefits. It can help with muscle pain, including some joint and muscle disorders like arthritis. Cryotherapy can also promote faster healing of athletic injuries and has proven to be a great solution to accelerate post-surgical recovery. Additionally, cryotherapy may help reduce psychological stress and anxiety, improve sleep cycles, and alleviate symptoms of migraines, depression, and Alzheimer's/dementia.

The Three Phases Of Cryotherapy

Upon exposure, the body recognizes the abrubt drop in temperature and the blood vessels in your skin and muscles constrict - shunting blood to your viscera and filtering out toxins and inflammatory proteins - sending them to the lymph and kidneys for elimination. After your session, your body begins to warm and filtered blood returns to the surface - bringing with it oxygen, enzymes and micronutrients. Skin and muscle tissues are enriched and endorphins are released, creating a sense of euphoria. Stress and anxiety are reduced and quality of sleep is enhanced. Over the next 48 hours, your body arrives at it's "new normal" state - with increased energy and decreased pain and inflammation. Recovery time from physical activity is reduced, your metabolism elevates, and overall physical performance is enhanced.







The Benefits Are Remarkable

A cryotherapy session at Cryo & Sports Recovery may be the key to optimal physical and mental health. Whether you're wanting to improve your overall performance, looking for a solution for your aches and pains, needing a boost in metabolism, or simply searching for something to help with your general well-being, cryotherapy may be the right thing for you! A three minute investment is all it takes.