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Get Back In The Game. FASTER.

Get the Team Treatment! Put your immune system into hyper-drive, increase your energy, boost your metabolism, and accelerate muscle recovery.

RECOVER With The Best To Feel Your Best.

Get the pro-athlete treatment! Whether you need some relaxing self-care, pain relief, or sport prep, you can have it all!

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A Full-Throttle Approach To Peak Performance.

Regenerate, repair, and revive your body with Cryotherapy.

Welcome to Cryo & Sports Recovery of Frisco, your ultimate path to recovery! We take a 360º approach to your wellness - focusing on your lifestyle, specific needs, and body as a whole. Whether we're uncovering the underlying cause(s) of your pain or working to elevate your overall performance, we evaluate the big picture, break it down into digestible bites, and then focus on therapies that both benefit and enhance your body.

Come for the Cryo.

Stay for the Recovery.


After your cryotherapy session - take advantage of our cutting edge recovery options for any and all of your needs. From massage chairs and traction tables to dynamic air compression and percussion therapy, we have the right combination of modalities to get you into tip top shape.


Cryotherapy takes only three minutes which gives you the opportunity to take advantage of our other relaxing  therapies.


Take advantage of our compression, vibration, heating and massage therapies to elevate your experience.


To enhance your wellness journey, we offer a monthly membership that offers UNLIMITED access to all equipment.

Welcome To Your Peak Performance Headquarters

Whether you're looking for pain relief, a performance boost, or a whole-body recharge, we've got it all right here.

Our state-of-the-art cryotherapy paired with our additional premium relaxing modalities target your aches and pains giving you the ultimate in recovery and restorative benefits.

Your One-Stop Sports Recovery Destination:


Heal Faster. Perform Better. Feel Incredible.

Cyotherapy has a multitude of benefits. It flushes toxins and floods your red blood cells with life-giving oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. The quick exposure to extreme cold causes the body to ramp up its healing systems - helping to decrease pain, accelerate muscle healing, reduce inflammation and reset your body. Professional athletes worldwide are utilizing the healing power of cryotherapy to keep them performing at their best.


Relief + Recovery

Cryotherapy can decrease blood flow to reduce inflammation and temporarily reduce nerve activity, which can relieve pain.


Metabolic Boost

During a session your body goes into thermogenesis, increasing your metabolic rate - and burning major calories after your session.

Performance and Vitality

Performance + Vitality

Oxygenated and nutrient-filled blood is delivered to your tissues and muscles to give you the fuel required perform at your best.


Injury Treatment

Cryotherapy can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling that causes pain, especially around a joint or a tendon.

Game Changing Packages That Are Flexible and Affordable.

Flexibility and freedom.
NO Contracts.
NO Startup Fees.
NO Cancellation Fees.

Cryo & Sports Recovery is your premier healthy lifestyle, whole-body wellness, and physical rehabilitation destination. We provide an elite experience for those wanting to immerse themselves in an environment that understands the power and value of wellness, health, and healing.

Come In Today And Start Your Journey

We are designed to be your one-stop wellness and recovery destination, providing every resource to elevate your overall well-being and athletic performance, all in one go.


Day Pass

Enjoy a revitalizing cryotherapy session. Get energized and refreshed in our infrared sauna. Enhance blood flow and speed recovery with our Normatec Recovery Boots. We have everything you need in one place!

$50 per visit

Day pass includes ALL services except cupping and hyperbaric.



Experience the benefits of regular cryotherapy, enjoy unlimited access to our other incredible healing modalities, and turn your recovery into a peak performance lifestyle.

$150 monthly

Join today and treat yourself to a top tier cryotherapy and physical wellness/recovery expereince.


Bring The Team!

Big game coming up? Need and edge? We have good news! You can book an appointment for your entire team! We have the space and the equipment to offer an elite bonding and performance-enhancing experience.

$35 per person

Minimum of 10 individuals and a maximum of 20 individuals.

Grand Opening Special Offer

Hurry in to take advantage of Cryo & Sports Recovery's stone cold deal!

We want everyone to experience the amazing benefits of CryoTherapy so GET MOVING and come into our NEW, state-of-the-art facility to experience the best equipment and recovery options in sports rehabilitation and indulge in services you won't find anywhere else.

You're not going to want to miss this opportunity!


Are You Ready To Exceed Your Performance Goals?

New space. New equipment. New you. 


Call Us Or Come In For A Tour Of Our NEW Facility.

A new space. New, state-of-the-art equipment. A new you. Come in today and see for yourself!

Enjoy A Single Visit Or Sign Up For A Membership

Drop in on the go, or make Cryo & Sports Recovery a part of your everyday performance lifestyle.

Start Your Journey To Feeling & Performing Better!

It's time to experience a better route to recovery. Pain relief and increased performance is waiting for you.


Get In Touch With Us!

Our ultramodern and trailblazing facility is located in beautiful Frisco, TX. We offer an elite experience that unlocks the power of wellness, health, and healing. Come for the cryo...stay for the recovery.


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